Thursday, August 10, 2017

Drawing fingerprints?

In class, every week, whenever the year 7 and 8's go to manual which is on Friday's and when they are gone we do some special stuff. On the first week we did Wild Eyes which is a site, on the second we did Super Hero stuff and this week we are doing detective stuff. For one of the things that we had to do was do an art but not any art because we had to draw the design on our finger prints! First we got special pieces of paper and then we got some felt's coloured it and stamped it on the paper. AFter we did that, we had to look at it closely and then we got to sketch and colour! We had to make sure that there aren't any white gaps in the drawing so we had colour it with pastels. We had to use complementary or Analogous colours, Here's mine!


  1. Hi Parwin. I love how you titled your post and the bright colorful picture. Next time you should double check your post because instead of After you wrote AFter. Did you like everyone else's art?


    1. Thank you for your comment Mika, and I will make sure that I proofread it before I post it. Yes I, liked all of the art works because it was different colours and was different from others. Thank you!

  2. Hi Parwin my name is Alex and I am a Year 6 student from St. Bernadette's School. I really like your art work. It's bright, it stands out, and the colours go together well. Next time maybe you could add what type of paper you used and maybe you could reread your writing to see if you made any mistakes. I look forward to seeing more art from you Parwin.

    1. Thank you Alex for taking your time and commenting on my blog!
      Again thank you for your feedback!


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