Thursday, November 15, 2018

Let's make a change!

Hey there bloggers, I  am back and for my blog post for this week, I have decided to inform you about what is going on in Afghanistan. The Taliban have been attacking Ghazni witch is a Province in Afghanistan. They need our help and we need to help them. The Taliban have been burning their houses. They used to leave old people but now they even kill them too. They have done many bad stuff and all that is in this presentation that I have made. I hope that you enjoy watching my presentation and I hope that this makes a difference! If you have any questions or ways that I could improve my presentation then please comment!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Synonyms and Antonyms

Hey there bloggers, I'm back and today I will be teaching you what the difference between Synonyms and Antonyms are! I have made a presentation so you can watch it and its only a couple of slides so its not a lot of slides, if you don't get it or have any questions then you can ask and I would like some feedback about my presentation too! Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Sensational Sailing Trip!

Super Sensational sailing trip!

I had a dream that we went sailing and guess what? It actually happened! On 2nd of November, we
were going to go sailing because our lovely teachers set some things up for us to go sailing. When I
woke up, I already had my clothes on that I was going to wear that day.  I was so excited that I woke
up in the middle of the night and put on my clothes that I was going to wear that day. Jumping out of
bed, I quickly ate my breakfast but the bad thing was that: there weren't any muffins left, or apples, or
biscuits or even NUTELLA! That just had to ruin my day today!

I have a younger brother and his name is Sahil and he goes to the same school as me but he is very
slow at eating and I thought that we were going to be late because he ate so slowly. Luckily, I got to
school just in time and I didn’t forget anything either! The first thing that I did when I came into my
classroom was examine everybody's outfit and what they were wearing because there were different
colours and styles everywhere! There were lots of excited faces and some nervous ones too because
most of us had already been sailing but a few of us hadn’t.

We hopped into the bus and kids started chatting about their day to come and how they felt. I felt pretty
nervous but I was also excited to be going sailing because I hadn’t been since our school trip last year.
 The first thing that we had to do was to get the boat ready because we couldn’t just hop in the boat and
we didn’t know how to sail the boat properly. I had already remembered some of the things that we had
to remember last year like rigging the boat but we didn’t remember all the names of the equipment. We
tied and made sure that everything was in place. We learnt how to sail the boat and how to control it so
it wouldn't tip once we were on the waters. The first session went by, as we set up the boats, and then
it was morning tea time. We only had a quick snack and then we did a bit more learning with the boats
and then we were ready to go on the water!

I was nervous when we were on the boat by ourselves because there wasn’t any room for more than
1 person. At first I was worried, I thought that the boat was going to tip over, but surprisingly it didn’t
and I got the hang of it. I went out on the boat tonnes of times, I was having so much fun sailing! Once
everybody had a go, if they didn’t want to try again, they didn’t have to but I kept going because I was
having so much fun! The only people who capsized were Louis and Eben but I don’t blame them
because it was their first time going sailing. We were shouting their names when the boat tipped over
and everybody was worried, some people thought it was funny and just started cracking up.

MInutes felt like seconds as the day passed on and before I knew it, it was lunch time! I was pretty
happy because I was hungry after helping and sailing the boats. We ate our lunch and we played with
the equipment that we had brought with us from school. We played volleyball and we had lots of fun
but we had to stop playing and then we were back in our boats sailing again. At first there were only a
few boats that we could sail on but every now and then, they added boats since we were so good at it.
We kept sailing but then it was time to go home but before we could do that, we had to put all the boats
away in the container. We undid all the ties and put away all the things.  We hopped onto the bus and
we were ready to go but the gate was closed! Nobody had the keys except one of the tutors that had
already left. We tried calling them, but they didn’t pick up their phone.

We thought we were going to stay there forever but a teacher and kids from Riccarton High School
had arrived and they had keys! Yes!  We were on our way again and after all that sailing, I was tired!
There was one word that could describe the day! SENSATIONAL!

Friday, November 2, 2018

How to solve angles in a Quadrilateral!

Hey there bloggers I'm back and today I will be teaching you how to solve angles in a Quadrilateral!
I have made this side and I have explained how you solve it and once you know how to solve them, I have also put a question on how to solve a Quadrilateral and you need to solve it and write your answer in the comments! I hope that you learn how to solve angles in a Quadrilateral and I hope that you enjoy my slides, I would like feedback on how I can improve this presentation and if you have any questions then please go ahead and ask! Thanks for watching!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Kapa Haka

Hey there bloggers, I'm back!
And today, the kapa haka group had the honor to perform at the Uru Manuka Culturel Festival 2018!
I was in the Kapa Haka group along with my classmates, to the year 1's and older. I was impressed by how well everybody did since some people like the year 1's and 2's because when we did our practice, they were quite but when we went to the festival, I almost went deaf really. I think that we did well because we only practiced once a week and some of the week's, Matua didn't come because he was sick. But we give it our full energy and we had lot's of fun even though it was pretty nerve-racking.

The songs that we sand weren't as loud but when we did the haka it was very loud and full of energy as everyone moved swiftly like each other like we were clones or something. I think that it was lot's of one and I think that we should have festivals like that because we really deserve it and even though when you are really nervous, once you get on stage you just sing loudly and when we did the haka, we just let all our anger go out and just say the words as loud as we could. I was really when our performance was finished because we had to wait a super long time until we actually did another performance again!

My teacher, Mrs. Tayor, and my Principle,  Mr. Robertson had taken photos and videos of us. We had cool costumes this year and Grace, Julia, Jedi and I, wore those cool furry coats which we didn't even know about until we peeked in the box! I was more excited than I was before because we got to wear the furry coats! It made us look super amazing with the coats and we were super happy about that!
Here are some photo's

Best day of my life!

Hey there bloggers!
This is a recount that we wrote based on a movie that we saw that was called Taking Flight.
During this time I have been learning about what you need to make your recount interesting and to get the readers attention and how to write a recount. I found it difficult to add all the things that a recount needs because I keep forgetting. Before we did recounts, my other recounts were pretty boring and didn't really catch the readers attention, and I think that I have improved by catching the readers attention. I would like your feedback and comments about what I can change next time! Hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 19, 2018

How to calculate the angle of a triangle!

Hey there bloggers, I'm back!
And today I will be teaching you how to calculate the angles of a triangle because why not and I wanted to teach you guys something to. This method is very easy and quick to do but before you start solving questions like that, remember that the angles of a triangle always add up to 180! That's all you need to know for now and I hope that you enjoy reading my blog post and I hope you learn something new too! I would love feedback and questions if you have any! Thanks for watching!