Friday, December 8, 2017

Bon Voyage?

Dear Jedi,

It is me Parwin, I think you were right about the sea sailing thing. Cause it is pretty scary but when it is night, the stars look beautiful! For food, I have to eat fish and there is ALOT of them here since I am at sea. I hope to see so soon!

Kind Regards,
Right, when you read the tittle what do you think of?
And what about the letter?

This is a activity that I have done for the summer learning journey which is something that you do during the holidays but there is a certain amount of time that you have.
The activity was that you had to write a letter to someone and imagine that you are in a waka going over sea's. This is my letter as you can see and it is to my wonderful friend, Jedi!

Do you know who Maui is?

I have learnt a story about Maui and the giant fish, if you want me to tell you then keep reading!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Usually Maui's brothers went fishing a lot. Maui also wanted to go fishing with them as well but when ever he would ask if he could come, they would just make an excuse. Maui really wanted to go fishing so he secretly made a plan... That night, when he was all by himself, he started weaving a fishing line with strong flax. While he was doing that, he also recited a karakia to make his fishing line strong. Once he was finished, he got the jawbone that his ancestor, murirangawhenua had given him, and tied it to the fishing line. When it was early in the morning, he hid in his brothers boat in the hull. When Maui's brothers were trying to pull the canoe, they noticed that the canoe was heavier than usual so they pulled harder.
None of them found out that Maui was hiding in the hull, when they dropped the anchor, they were far away from home, Maui surprised them! The brothers asked him what he is doing here and Maui replied that he is going to be the greatest fisherman. He told them to put their lines in the sea while he says his karakia so that they catch more fish. The boys instantly started catching fish one after an other. Maui then took his hook out and threw it into the sea. His brothers laughed and made fun of his fishing line, but Maui ignored them. He said his Karakia and threw his line in the sea, And a couple of seconds later, the hook got attached to something and the canoe started moving in full speed! The brothers told Maui to cute the line but he refused. Soon a huge fish was pulled to the surface. All the brothers were amazed to see a huge fish that big! Maui ordered his brothers to keep guard on the fish while he gets people to see his fish but while he was gone, the brother chomped greedily on the fish. When Maui was back with people, they were amazed as well and cheered "Maui is the best fisherman!"
Things I have learnt:

I have learnt things about Maui like, when he wants to do something but nobody helps him, he does it himself because he is determent to do it.

He believes that he can be the best fisherman and people believed it too.

There are different karakia's for every different THING 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Aboriginal story?

It was a starry night, when Ava and Austin were playing fishball before going to bed as usual. They heard many tales about the evil dolphin Aunos.

Aunos was a great dolphin and was always helping everybody when one day, he went into a cave and drank something that made him evil. He was then banished from the sea and no one knew whether he was dead, alive or where he was. That was when Ava and Austin saw a dolphin, slightly bigger than them and had a different colour body and had red eyes. At first, they didn’t know what to do, and as they swam away to call for help and tell them what they saw, Aunos struck lightning at them...

Monday, November 27, 2017

Trip to the A&P show presentation.

I came to school wearing mufti, bt only my class, and why exactly? Because my class was going to the A&P Show! YASS!
But even better news because I was going to go with Lauren and Jedi!  So my day went like this…

First  what we did was we hopped into the car and then we started to drive to the show. The first thing we got was candy floss which was as delicious as candy. I didn’t finish mine because I thought I would get sick, so I gave it to Jedi cause she is just as crazy about candy floss as Lauren. We walked around eating candy floss and  looking at the rides. There was a funny magicoin and I think he was a bit worried because he looked nervous. After a couple of minutes of looking around, it was almost lunchtime so all of us got hot chips for lunch! YUMMY!  But  it  was hot like a oven so I burnt my tongue!  OUCH!  

After Lunch we watched the horse riding for a bit and got some candy. The store that we went to had a huge lollipop which was probably Jedi, Lauren, and  my head combined together but even bigger. It was like a huge colourful monster that wanted to go in your stomach to eat you…
Just Joking! Anyway, we looked at the animals like sheep, chickens, roosters, cows, rabbits, and way more! I even touched a rabbit  was so fluffy like a furball!

We watched the sheep shearing competition and then we looked around the shetlands area so we could find out if Chloe was there. We looked around so much that it was time to go back to SCHOOL!

So that was my day to the A&P Show 2017!

The week after the A&P show happened, our teachers decided set something up and that something was 8 tasks that we had to do. But what was the topic? A&P show! I only did 5 activities because I was working hard to make it vibrant and creative rather than just stick something on. I mostly draw most of my stuff or printed them. Here is a photo of what the tasks looked like!

These are the activities that I have done and finished!

Hope you liked my presentation and could I get feedback please?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bozac Chini story from Afghanistan🇦🇫

In class, for inquiry, we had to pick  country and study some things about it. I picked Afghanistan and one of the things that you had to do was re-tell a well known story and this is one that I know, hope you enjoy!

The ocean maker?🌊

Yesterday, Our teacher told us that we are going to practise writing a narrative. But first we need a topic so my teacher Mrs.S found a video and showed us but only to half way when she saw the cloud and then we had to make the rest up. After we watched the movie, we wrote what we saw and how we felt on the board as a class so that it could help us with our story. Once we finished writing our idea's, we got a planning sheet and wrote our plan for the story but we had only ten minutes. After writing our plan, we started to get our plan into action! Here is my story, hope you enjoy! 
Also I need some feedback on how to improve my narrative, can you give me Feedback? 


The Rainmaker
Imagine yourself, on a desert and once used to be sea. If I had to describe it, I would say as hot as a oven. Anyway, there I was, flying a small plane in search for any rain clouds. I has been ages I have been looking for rain clouds but there weren't any. Everyday I would get up early and fly around hopping there would be a cloud somewhere. Life used to be easy when the sea was there and I had my home, but what happened was that a war happened and killed my father. His last words were “Save your family and tell them how much I love them, goodbye…” And with that he died. I was determined to listen to my father's order’s. Before the war, I would always play in the sea with my little brother John, and my dad would sometimes go fishing and take me with him, but not anymore. Once he got a fish just as big as my little brother john.

Minutes passed as looked around in my plane not knowing what to do, I was about to lose hope and go back when something shined in my eye. I looked around and that was when I saw that it was the light house. It was shining towards the mountains in front of me and that was when I saw a cloud. I was running out of petrol but I had to go near the cloud because I had invented something called the rainmaker and it’s hard to explain how it is made.

Momentarily, I put the gear on full speed and went closer to the cloud but I was almost there when I started to go crashing down to the ground. My plane got damaged and so did I. I couldn’t contact anyone since I didn’t have anything on me. I decided that I would try and climb the mountain since I was surrounded by it. I started to climb it. I wasn’t even halfway when suddenly I went falling into the ground! “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” I yelled. But nobody could hear me. I kept going down until I landed in the water.

Following that, swam up and that was when I saw a cave full of water. I felt so happy to find water but how was I supposed to get out? I got out of the water and looked around for any holes leading outside but I couldn’t find any. It was pretty dark so I couldn't see much. I felt around the walls when I felt a leaver. I pull the ever down, and a huge hole was made. I was confused and thought who could have made this.

Meanwhile, I saw a dim light so I went near it and when I saw tumbleweed, I knew this was the way out. I went out and so my village. I ran to my village and told everybody what happened. Everybody got big buckets and some kids even tooks their shirts off because they wanted to swim.

During that time, I was so happy to see my village laughing since it was a long time I saw them laugh but at that moment, in the middle of the lake, there was a swirling pool...

Friday, October 20, 2017

Uru manuka Logo designs!


In Rimu, we had to make some logo's for Uru Manuka for 2018 and We had 2 days to make as much as we can but the twist was that we could only use 3 colours plus black and white and it has to be digital. I made mine on some things online and google drawings! Hope you enjoy, also I need feedback and which one was your favourite?