Friday, July 6, 2018

My reflection of the term!

Reflection of the term

What's worked well?
What I’m proud of this term?
How have I shown my YMS qualities? (When and How)
Are there some things that haven't gone well for me? Why?
What challenged me and how did I through the challenge?
What will be my focus next term?

Something that has worked well for me this term is mostly everything especially my maths because I have learned new things that I didn’t really get. I have shown my YMS qualities in the playground at break times by playing fair with others and also at Winter Sports too because whenever we lost, we still didn’t lose hope and when we won, we just did a small cheer and that was it. This term, there hasn’t been anything that hasn’t gone wrong to me. Somethings that has challenged me is probably the maths investigations because at first when I read it, I don’t really get what is trying to say but as I keep reading it, I get it. But then after when we have to show our working out, I always forget so if I did my working out on a whiteboard then I will rub it out and forget to take a photo but when I try to show my working out again, I forget because I already know the answer and I can’t write it again. Something else that has challenged me was also in maths except it was the things that we had to learn like the fraction stuff because I wasn’t here on the day and when I came back I didn’t really get how to solve the faction things but then, the people in my group and my teachers helped to understand it because they are awesome. In reading when we had our reading group and did I think that means about the volcanoes or rainbows, it was challenging because I sort of understood it but I didn’t really know how to explain it with kind of copying the text but now it is a bit easier since we do “I think that means... “ more.  I think that my focus next term will be, to understand the text more in reading when we have “I think that means... “

Thursday, July 5, 2018

How to write a Cinquain!

Hey there bloggers!
I'm back, anyway, today I will be teaching you how to write a Cinquain which is a type of poem but before I teach you how to write one, I will teach you an important thing about the Cinquain poem.
Cinquain poems are a five-lined poem but none of them rhyme and created by Adelaide Craspey.
Although even if it is a five lined poem, you have to have a certain type of sentence for each line.
And for each line, you have a certain amount of words that you can write.

In the first line, you have to have a title but it has to be about something, for example, you could do your poem about an animal or a person say for example a cat. So you would put Cat in your first line, then in your second line, you have to write a description or example of the title but it must be 2 words. So if your poem was about a Cat, then you would put something that would describe it, say you could write, Fast, speedy. In the 3rd line, you have to write a 3 words phrase, for example, jumps, attacks sleeps? I don't know. In the 4th line, you would describe a feeling about the title so maybe you could write lonely looking for friends and then in the last line you would write a synonym for the title which has to be one word. To make it even better, you could add a gif or photo!

Here is a poem that I have made and it is about Friends and I hope that you enjoy it and I hope that you have learned something new!

Nice, graceful
Running, jumping, laughing
Wild like a tiger


Friday, June 29, 2018

Rimu News Hub

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Volume 1                                        Page 1      27 June 2018
 A teenage boy left his home, without telling his parents
or taking his phone!
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A Teenage boy with cancer has escaped          The Parents of Mark have been
his house and his friend says “Mark only          very worried and so has his best
escaped his house to do what he always          friend Jesse who says “Across far
wanted to do, Climb Mount Rainier.” The         dark miles, a friend can still hold
teenage boy is by the name of Mark and         your hand and be there with you,
the police have been looking for Mark and      but now I can’t.” The boy still hasn’t
the only way to get out of the town is by          been found yet and Jesse hasn’t

train so the police have been to the train             gone to school since he was lost or
station but haven't found any clues. The             gone home because Jesse wanted
boy was found missing on the 21 of May             to stay with Marks parents until
and their parents say that Mark took his              Mark comes back. The police are
dog with himself too because his dog                  at Mount Rainier and are keeping
wasn’t at home and never leaves to go                an eye out if they see Mark but they
anywhere.                                                            Still haven't found him.

The police have been called recently             Police are still looking for mark
and said that they saw a boy with a               and if you see him then please
dog heading to Washington DC but               report to the police because
it seemed like a kid trying to make                 everybody is worried about Mark
his voice like a grown ups so the                     who is a strong boy with cancer but
police have immediately went to                     still has faith in him.
but still has faith in himself.     
but still has faith in himself.
where the phone call had come
from and went to investigate it.
The phone call had come from
a shop and the owners say that
they saw a bruised and hurt
boy along with his dog, they
say that when they wanted to
call the police the boy said
no and started panicking so
they let the boy call someone.
After that the oy left the shop
and they say that they don’t
know where he went or how
he got hurt.
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Volume 1                                        Page 2      27 June 2018
Want to be an editor? Be like me!
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A lot of people want to be a                          I had sent my first story to
newspaper editor but they                             the newspaper makers and
need to learn how to do it                              they said that they liked it,
perfectly. In this part of the                            but they had changed some
newspaper, I will be writing                          things but it was still fine and
how it is editing and writing                          I liked it. I started sending
a newspaper. But here is a                             stories for the newspapers
little bit about me. My first                             and comments for what they
job was at the checkout at                              could improve on and since I
Paknsave but I had a passion                          kept doing it, they hired me as
for writing stories. I started                             an editor because they thought
editing newspapers in 1998                            that my improvements that I gave
and have still done it until                                to them were really helpful.
now and I have written some                       
newspaper stories too. Here                          Something challenging was
is how I have settled in with                           changing the words because
being an editor.                                               some of them used words that
                                                                       weren’t interesting and were
                                                                        just plain words so I had to find
                                                                        perfect words that would suit
                                                                        that. I had to work most of the
                                                                        time and it was really stressing for
                                                                        my brain but since I kept doing
                                                                        that my brain has gotten used
                                                                        to it and at first it was pretty
                                                                        challenging but now I find it
                                                                        very easy.
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Hey Bloggers! I'm back! Anway, in my class, we have been writing newspapers which is something new for me because I don't write newspapers and I didn't how to write newspapers but now I do thanks to our wonderful teachers! We had to write our newspapers o this site but mine wouldn't let me type so I had to do mine on a google doc which was pretty challenging and took a long time but it turned out great. To be successful at writing newspapers then you must have these things in it... 

  • Headline must have pun, rhyme or alliteration
  • Have an intro that has the 5 w's
  • In sections or paragraphs
  • Past tense
  • 3rd person
  • Includes a quote
  • Used speech marks around the quote
  • Ends with a conclusion
Do you think I have done all of them?
I would love for feedback on what I could improve on next time and if you have any questions then please ask!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Adams new watch?

Hey there Bloggers, its me Parwin again and today I will be showing you how to solve a maths investigation that we have done this week. Here is a video that I made along with Jedi Nikoli. I hope you enjoy this and learn something new! I would also like some feedback to make my post better. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Pop Art!

Hey there bloggers, this week we have been very arty and we have done Pop Art while the year 5 and 6 have been at camp but our teachers also went so the amazing Mrs.Stratton came and teached us for 3 days. We have been doing Pop Art which is art but using Onomatopoeia in it. First we had to study about Pop art and artists that have done Pop art and the best one that I like  The onomatopoeia that I used was pop and here is a photo of my art. If you want to know more about Pop Art then here is some information! Hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Posted Reading Work

We are reading this book that is called posted and it is by John David Anderson and so far we know that there are these four boys with these nicknames and a new girl comes and sits with them. There is much more but I don't want to spoil it for you! We have activities that we complete and these are the activities that I have done. I hope you enjoy and I would like some feedback too!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Hooked on book week!📚

This week we had hooked on books week and we get a new book every day, one of the books that we got was called "The first hippo on the moon" By David Walliams. 
The purpose of having book week was that we read a new authors book and reading different styles of stories. 
So far, the books that we got (that I can remember) are, The honest truth, A fish in a tree, Space adventure, The person controller and  The first hippo on the moon. 
I really enjoyed all the books, especially the honest truth which is about this boy who has cancer and ran away to climb this mountain. 
I am going to try reading new styles of books and read books by authors that I haven't read yet and I am going to place a hold on the honest truth because every new book that we get, my teacher only reads a little bit of it which makes me thinking what gonna happen next. This makes me wondering what will happen.
Here is a link about space which have interesting facts!
For each book, they have activities and one of the activities that I did for this book was Animals in space and I made a timeline and I hope you enjoy! 

The first animals in space after humans were,
  • insects,
  • spiders,
  • fish,
  • jellyfish,
  • dog,
  • monkey