Thursday, August 17, 2017

Being a Yaldhurst hero in the swimming pool!πŸ’¦

In class we had to make a presentation on how we can be a YMS hero in the swimming pool and here is ours! Hope you enjoy!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Drawing fingerprints?

In class, every week, whenever the year 7 and 8's go to manual which is on Friday's and when they are gone we do some special stuff. On the first week we did Wild Eyes which is a site, on the second we did Super Hero stuff and this week we are doing detective stuff. For one of the things that we had to do was do an art but not any art because we had to draw the design on our finger prints! First we got special pieces of paper and then we got some felt's coloured it and stamped it on the paper. AFter we did that, we had to look at it closely and then we got to sketch and colour! We had to make sure that there aren't any white gaps in the drawing so we had colour it with pastels. We had to use complementary or Analogous colours, Here's mine!


We were invited to the book awards and we met authors from NZ which was really cool! Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

What I did in the Holidays...

having a two week holiday, was really fun!
On the first week on the holidays, we stayed home and my friends came to our house for dinner which was really fun! We played lots of games together and thought that she could have a sleepover but she was going to have it next week. As the weeks went by, I didn't do much really on the first week but the second week was really fun! On Monday we went to the Hornby Mall and bought a cake because the my two sisters were turning 1! I got them some toys but they were scared of dolls that time. On Tuesday we went to the Westfield mall until we have to take my brother to Rugby. We got some clothes and Shoes but then since it was pretty warm, Sahil and I got ourselves some of those blue fanta things.
We forgot to look at the time and so Shukoor was late and we couldn't take him to Rugby training. The next day we stayed home but I was excited tomorrow because I got to go to my friends house and have a sleepover too! When I had a sleepover at her house, first we had to go to someones house because they got a new house. We stayed there for a really long time and by the time we went home, it was dark as it could be. When we went home we had dinner and then we made some slime which was really fun. First we made normal slime and dyed it pink, then we made foam slime and dyed it both green. She also had a pastel pink colour which was really cool. My favourite slime was the normal slime because the foam slime, the little balls would go everywhere which is really annoying for me and her. After that we decided to do our nails but it took a really long time because we did our nails white but we had to do lot's of coats to make it actual white. I was getting really tired so we went to sleep, When we woke up we had breakfast and we did lots of challenges after because we didn't know what to do. We did the what's in my mouth challenge's which was fun! After a couple of hours we had to get ready because I was gonna go home which was sad. Tomorrow on Saturday, we went to the mall and we each had our own money that we could buy anything which was really fun. We let the babies play in the kids area for a while and watching them play was really funny! We spent the day like that and the next day I had farsi school that was on every Sundays, We went walking to the park after breakfast, we took the babies too with their shoes on and they walked so much when we got there! One of my sisters Roya walked on the grass a lot  and my other sister Parisa didn't go on the grass. It was nearly 2 oclock which was when it started and if we went it would have taken a really long time and we would be late so we didn't even go! I spent the day playing with my sisters and doing some reading too because tomorrow SCHOOL STARTED! YAY!
And that was my Holiday, hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My dream timetable

One day in Rimu class, we were told to do something and it was that if we had to make our own timetable and could pick the days and activities what would it be? Anyway what you are about to see is a presentation with my timetable in it so hope you enjoy!
Click here!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Visual mihi

                                             In class we had to do a mihi and first we had to make it on a document and we printed it, after that we got to decorate it before it got laminated. If we finish doing that then we have to make a presentation with the our mihi information in it. HOPE YOU ENJOY!

My Mihi

File:Flag of Afghanistan.svg - Wikimedia CommonsScreenshot 2017-06-19 at 1.17.17 PM.png
Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Koe  Bamiyan te maunga.

Koe Kabul River te awa.

Kei Otautahi  toku kainga noho.

No Afghanistan ahau.

He tauira ahau ki te kura o Yaldhurst.

Koe Mrs Spragg and Mrs Taylor taku kaiako.

Ko Mariam raua ko Ghulam-Reza oku koro.

Ko Bashi raua ko Fatima oku kuia.

Ko  Khatema toku whaea.

Ko Akram toku matua.

Ko Shukoor Tungane

Ahau E wha teina tuakana e he Sahil, Parisa a Roya.
Tekua oku tau.

Ko Parwin toku ingoa.

No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.