Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What is Ramadan?🤔

What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the ninth month in the islamic
calendar and that is the most sacred month in the islamic calendar.
We have to do fasting for the whole day and we can stop when it is maghrib

Although when, it is the night of when Imam Ali (a) dies, then we pray as
much as we can while we are fasting. It is obligatory for girl’s to start fasting
at the age of 9 and for boy’s at the age of 14. While we are fasting, we can’t
drink or put anything in our mouth, neither can we drink water or anything else
either. Muslims have to wake up before dawn and eat a light meal and then hey
can not eat or drink anything until the sunset’s. When the sunset’s, they can stop
fasting and eat, this is called iftar. The Muslim year is a lunar (moon) year, so
Ramadan moves forward by ten or eleven days each year. The day Ramadan
begins is decided by the sighting of the new moon. When Ramadan is finished,
we have Eid al-fitr.

I hope that you found this interesting and enjoyed reading this book.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Practising persuasive writing

Each week we get a new topic of writing styles and this week is persuasive writing. We have longs write once a week and we have to write a topic like that. We got to pick weather we agree that we should be aloud to bring our phones at school or not. This is my letter, hope you enjoy!

Dear Mr Robertson,
I believe that kids shouldn’t be aloud phones at school because then they are focused on their phones instead of their learning and that ruins your grades. So, parents, do you want you children to get good grades and have a great time learning things? Or do you want your children to get lower grades and not even pay attention to what’s going on. I, myself, want to be someone who learns things and gives my best to everything but let's be honest, if I could use my phone at school then I would be focused on my phone rather than my work and I’m pretty sure that is what the others would probably do. Here are my reasons why I disagree with bringing phones to school.

Number 1-
In addition, if we let this happen then your minds will get sucked in into the phone and you will always be playing on the phone and trying to use as much as you can. And some people might even cheat when they have test for maths or cheat in other tests. Even if the teacher checks that you don’t have a phone, they will still hide it somewhere so the teachers can’t see. About half of the children would always have their eyes glued to the screen and wouldn’t know what is happening around them.

Number 2-
However, not only that they might get bad grades but it also damages your eyes too! PLaying on technology for 2 hours a day is enough but once you start playing on your phone, you forget about how much you are playing because you are to focused on the screen. Are you aware that this can damage your eye vision? Well you might say, “Oh, I don’t care if my eye vision gets damaged” But if your eyes get damaged then don’t say it’s someone else's fault because I’m warning you now.

Number 3-
School is for learning, so what's with the phones, that teachers can teach you, not the phones.
You parents take you to school every day so you can learn new things and be what you want to be when you grow up. They pay for your uniform, your trips and many other things, and if you take your phone to school and just play on it then what’s the point in coming to school because you go to school to learn new things like we do everyday, everytime, and everywhere.

I agree that technology is fun to use cause you can play on it and everything. Everybody looks on the good side but reality what happens? Thank you for reading my letter. And I hope that you thought about whats gonna happen first before you make a choice because everybody always looks on the good side but they never look on the bad. Thank you for reading my letter and I hope you think about what I said.

Yours sincerely,

Friday, May 4, 2018

Star Wars Dress Up Day?

Hey bloggers! Its e Parwin and you might already know what happened but I'll tell you anyway.
On Wednesday, when I came into my classroom, I saw that on the windows it said "Star Wars Dress Up Day-4/5/18" When the bell rang my teacher explained what we were going to do that day but the special thing was that it was just for our class! I didn't know what to dress up as and I didn't want to so I just came in school clothes. Everybody's costumes were amazing and were really good! I could have wear a mask but I didn't wear one because I dressed up as myself! Here is a photo of the whole class!
After Morning tea Maths, we got to make star wars character that were printed in paper, I couldn't finish mine because my one of the arms got lost. I wanted to make Princess Leia which is a character from star wars of course. I hope you enjoyed reading my post and would like some feedback to make my post more interesting and gain, thanks for watching!Image result for thanks for watching gif star wars

Friday, April 13, 2018


For maths, we all have an investigations each week or two and this week it was Palindromes. A palindrome is a word or number that is the same if you spell it backwards like Hannah, so if you spell t backwards, it would still be the same. Here is what we had to do...
And this is what I did...
I hope you enjoyed and I would like some feedback.
Maybe you could try doing this too!

Secret spies...

Once there were 2 spies called Jedi and Parwin. Parwin was the biggest because she was  16 and Jedi was 15, It was just a sunny day when they were asleep but then Parwin received a message that said..
Subject: Help! Priority: URGENT! Have been captured by enemy agents. Go to location X and recover the files immediately. Then come and rescue me. Am being taken to dead drop C. Beware: Yellowbelly is a double agent!
Hurry, your boss Billie.

¨What!¨ exclaimed Parwin. ¨But what was she doing there, anyway I should go and call Jedi and do what we must do. Wait it also says that she is in fiji but then that means we have to go with a plane because we are in Hawaii ! Parwin was pretty confused and angry because she was going to go shopping but, her boss ruined it. As Parwin stamped her feet on the ground, she went to Jedi´s room. “Jedi” Parwin said in a nice voice. ¨Jedi come on, we have to rescue our boss Billie. Jedi. JEDI! ¨What!¨ shouted Jedi. ¨ ¨Oh I just came to wake you up.¨Said Parwin in a nice calm voice but then she started screaming and shouted, ¨Wake up because we have rescue our boss Billie.¨As they went and had breakfast they just kept on fighting and fighting.

They packed their spie things and went to the airport and when they were there they saw a lovely girl called olivia and then she was wearing random clothes just like us, how strange. While we waited we were trying to call Billie but when could not call her. Luckily our plane was here, and for some reason we were supposed to go in the air New Zealand plane but we didn’t. When we were on the plane, Parwin was trying to call Billie but she could not but something that she could do was figure that olivia was actually an evil person because she was spying on us. When Parwin figured that outs, she expeditiously jogged to Jedi and when Parwin saw her she felt concerned because Jedi had a handcuff on herself and then when Parwin looked around, nobody was in the plane. Parwin shaked Jedi as hard as she could but Jedi just wouldn’t wake up, and it seemed like she did not sleep in 3 days or maybe she is a lazy sloth. “I have no other choice but to use the… LIPSTICK TASER! Parwin tried it on Jedi and it worked! “Uh! What happened and why am I in handcuffs?” complained Jedi. Long story but right we have to get out of this plane!” Shouted Parwin. They were just about to jump of the plane when  olivia jumped in front of us so we could not escape the plane. “That you are trapped then I can now tie you up so you can not get out of the plane and then you will die!” “NO! I will never surrender to anybody like you and I would rather die than surrender you!” Exclaimed Jedi But then Parwin nagged her and said”You mean us” “oh yeah, I mean us, yeah we will never I mean we will never surrender you!

“Okay, don’t surrandor me then, oh and you said that you would rather die than surrender so go ahead, I’ll let you die then, R.I.P!”
Said Olivia and with that she jumped off the plane. But nobody was driving the plane, and it was going down! “What are we supposed to do?!” asked jedi. “I will try to drive the plane up and then you can read the instruction manual and then we save our boss and defeat yellow belly!” Replied Parwin. But Jedi just started to laugh and wouldn’t stop laughing. “Why are you laughing? Is it because we are going to die?” Asked Parwin. “No its because Yellow bel… “ Just read the instruction manuel cause we are about to die!” Parwin shouted. They sat in the driver's seat and started to press random buttons because we didn't’ know how to drive a plane, I mean how would we?

Whatever we did, nothing made it go up and we were 20 second away to hit the ground so I told jedi to follow me and we got parachutes and jumped off the plane. Luckily we were safe but the bad news was that we were now in the middle of a jungle with lots of trees. “NOOOO!!!” Yelled Jedi, “ Now how are we supposed to save our boss?” I looked at the message that I got and looked at the little ma that Billie sent. I looked at it for a couple of times and realized that we were in the right place! But we had to find their secret hide out and it said that there are animals here too. I told Jedi everything and we decided to to look around the jungle and stay close or otherwise we will be lost.

We walked and walked and walked but every step we took made us even more lost. I thought to myself, if I were Yellow Belly then where would my hideout be if it were in the jungle, hmmm. Lets see well I would do it in an abandoned temple  or an underground thing but… Yes! I’ve got it, I would have my hideout in an abandoned temple. I told Jedi my idea and thought that she would have it in a temple too so now we were off to find an old temple.

It was getting dark and so the spies slept in tree’s in case wild animals came out at night.
The girls couldn’t sleep properly so they look at the night sky. Sparkling as if they were gems, the stars shone brightly in the pitch, black sky. “I can’t sleep, can you?” asked Jedi.
“No, but I am worried about our boss and this is a really big jungle and we don't have much stuff accept the things we packed in our bags either.” replied Parwin. “OH NO! What about FOOD! I need food and we only packed muesli bars and I’ve already finished mine!” Cried Jedi. “Oh my god jedi, that was meant to last us a couple of days but you already finished them?” Asked Parwin. “It doesn’t matter I will share some of mine with you but we will have to start collecting fruits to eat because it will only last a couple of days. With that they were both getting tired and started to go to sleep.

Later on in the morning, they woke up and decided to have a look around. Jedi found a zip wire in the tree’s and so she called Parwin to come. Luckily there were two handles so they could both go wich was a good idea. They packed their bags and held on tight to the handles, and whoosh. They set off at high speed. I was still holding on to the zip wire, it seemed like it won’t even stop! When it finally stopped I was at the most beautiful place ever, there was a crystal clear lake with a waterfall! The water looked like it was a rainbow because of the sun's rays that hit the water. “WOW! That looks like a great waterfall doesn’t it? How bout we go swimming?” Suggested Jedi. I thought that it was a good idea since it had been a long time since we had gone swimming.” We got our swimsuits out and decided to go swimming. Screaming with joy we jumped into the water. After awhile we had a diving competition which was really fun. I decided to see what was behind the waterfall, it was a cave not to small and not too big. “I found a cave that we could stay in instead of in tree’s because I got really cold last night. So we can stay here for the night, we could find dry sticks and light a fire too.” Said Parwin. But then there was a rattling sound...

There's a boy in the girls bathroom!

Hey there, I'm Parwin as you can tell, and today I am going to be showing you my reading work that we did for term one. Our teacher, the amazing Mrs. Taylor, read us a book that was called "There's a boy in the girls bathroom" written by Louis Sachar. After Morning tea, when we ate our food, Mrs . Taylor would read it to us. it was a really good book. It took a while once we finished the book and once we did, the teachers decided to make reading activities that was based on the book, I really enjoyed the book as well as the activities too because the book was interesting, and the activities were fun! I hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 23, 2018