Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Pixelated goose!

Hey there bloggers,
I'm back! For one of the activities that I had to do was to make, do or create something based on what you learned about the Canadian goose. I used google drive and I did a pixelated version of the goose and it did take me a while but in the end, it looked really cool. I took a screenshot and added a golden photo frame and called it the...
GOOSE-A-LISA! Which is a creative name and was also a bit funny too. I made the squares smaller by highlighting all of the squares and then on the very last one which is Z, I pressed the little triangle and resized the columns. I colored in the boxes and then I made the lines disappear by pressing view and then I tapped on the one that says gridlines and the lines go away. Here is a photo of my GOOS-A-LISA and I hope that you enjoy reading my blog post!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Not What I Expected

Hey there bloggers! I'm back!
And today I will be showing you a book that I made with FlipSnack which is a cool website that can make presentations, stories, posters that looks like a book which is an awesome website that you can use to make present things in an interesting way. I have made a story based on a narrative that I did because I wanted to make it more interesting so here it is and I hope you enjoy! I would also love your feedback and comments too on how I can make it better next time!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Inquiry anamtion!

Hey bloggers! I'm back better than ever!
Anyway's, if you've seen my recent blog post it's about plastic in the ocean which was part of our mini-inquiry that we did. Each group had a different subject and my group did plastic. First, we had to do a brainstorm of what we wanted to learn about and I did mine as plastic in the ocean. Then we wrote our notes and interesting facts which I added in my recent blog post. We had to do an animation that had to go with it and this is y animation that I made! I hope you like my blog post and I would love your feedback! I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Rubbish, Rubbish and more Rubbish!

Hey bloggers! I'm back! But before I told you what happened, I want to tell you a fact.
Did you know that 80% of the rubbish in the ocean is from land? Of course, the tree's and bushes can't do that but the humans can. That means that the 80% of the rubbish that is in the sea is because of us because we are making the rubbish and we can't be bothered putting it in the bin and so it goes in the sea and marine animals eat them. Then they DIE! If I were president and I knew that someone threw rubbish in the sea and watched an animal eat the rubbish. Then they will be taken to court and going to prison! But I don't think that will happen so I'll just keep dreaming. Anyway, in inquiry, we have been learning about rubbish and we had to go into our inquiry groups. We did a mini-inquiry subject and my group did it about plastic. I have done mine and I have taken points while I was reading facts and we had to skim and skim through the text because we don't want to add a whole paragraph. This is how my noting looks like! Hope you enjoy! What would you do to stop the rubbish and things going into the ocean?

  • 1-Did you know that 160,000 plastic bags are used every second! A lot, right?
  • 2-Plastics can end up in rivers or oceans since they are light and get carried by the wind and end up in rivers that lead to the sea.
  • 3-Plastic has killed lot’s of marine animals and we don’t care about them because if we did then we wouldn’t litter and make plastic things.
  • 4-According to Google, it says that 80% of litter in the sea comes from land!
  • 5-Did you know that in 2008, a type of whale called the Sperm Whale was found on a beach in California that was dead but worst of all was that it had 22 kilos of plastic inside its stomach!
  • 6-Did you know that in the north Pacific ocean there is 6x more plastic that planktons!


  • 1- Instead of using 160,00 plastics, we could just use bags like shopping bags instead of using plastic, just use shopping bags!
  • 2-How about we ban plastic bags because it takes longer to break down and it is also killing marine animals because they think it’s food.
  • 3-If we actually cared about our marine animals then we wouldn’t let the plastic get to the sea and I think that we should have like a machine that separates the plastic and we should have lie people on duty who stay by rivers and things and make sure there isn’t any plastic that might get to sea or rivers and lakes.
  • 4-80% of the litter in the ocean is from land and it is because we are lazy and we can’t be bothered picking our rubbish up.
  • 5-The reason why the whale died is because of the plastic that the whale ate but it ate 22 killos of plastic and that plastic was ours. Our plastic has killed whales and many other animals.
  • 6-The reason why there are more rubbish is because even though they get taken to the andfill, since plastics are light, they can just get carried to the ocean.

Friday, August 31, 2018

It's all because of us Humans!

Hey there bloggers, today I am going to be telling you a story that I made based on something that we are doing for inquiry. The Subject is rubbish and it's about the rubbish that we are making and causing that is going into the sea. Mine is about a dolphin that has lost its family because when the ship dumped the rubbish she got tangled and got lost and couldn't find her family. I wrote this story because we had to do for long write but usually when we do long write, they give us a photo to do our story on it but this time it had to be about rubbish and waste except we got to pick the photo. This is my story and I hope that you enjoy it!
Image result for rubbish in the ocean
“You can’t get me, na na ne na na!” I said as I swam around gliding in the water. Oops, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Zoey the Dolphin, but I’m only still a small dolphin as I am only 2-year-old dolphin though. And this isn’t a story about me having fun and swimming around, because this is a story of how everything changed, how everything was dark, how everything was rubbish.  And it all started like that, me having fun with my siblings. But that changed. Because then a Massive ship was getting close to us and I didn’t move because the ship looked cool. “Honey, quick come on! Swim away from that ship, hurry!” Shouted my parents. “Its, it's so big... “ I said as I stared at it like I couldn't take my eyes off it. But then the sky went dark above me, as a big blanket of rubbish came from above…

Who made this rubbish? Humans. Yes, Humans. Humans were the reason why I lost my family, the reason why I am lost, the reason why my heart is broken. I tried to swim out of the rubbish but I couldn’t, there was too much rubbish. I Cried for help but still, nobody could hear me. I closed my eyes hoping this nightmare would change. But it didn’t, it was real.

I opened my eyes and felt my head as heavy as rocks. I couldn’t remember anything and when I did, I looked above. But All I could see was colorful pieces of rubbish. It was dark down there. It blocked the rays of the sun. It blocked the light coming through to the ocean. It blocked the happiness coming into my life. What was before a beautiful ocean where everything was clean, was now a place where humans rubbish went…

I poked my head through the blanket of rubbish when I felt something cut me. “OW! That hurt.” I saw that my tail had a glass in it like sharp knives that sank into my skin. The pain didn’t stop. I tried to swim around without making it hurt too much but it was challenging. I swam as fast as I could, not caring about the blood that I was losing. I kept swimming but then, I couldn’t move anymore. My tail got caught in the rubbish…

The Waves Splashed and Sploshed from this side to that side. I tried to move but nothing was happening except me losing energy. My popped out of the water and went down again like a jack in a box. The waves were getting stronger and I was getting weaker trying to get out of the wave of rubbish but I couldn’t. I was heading straight to the beach which was even worse!

Day in the life of an Ostrich!

Image result for dark red background plain
Albatross news
Image result for dark red background plain
Day in the life of an ostrich
Image result for scared ostrich

Hello animals of America,        The habitat I like to live in
I am an ostrich and you            are Savannas, Deserts,
might be wondering why          and woodlands but mostly
am I in the Albatross news,     the Deserts because when
well it’s a “Day in the life a     you shove your head in the
Ostrich”. The photo you saw   sand, it doesn’t hurt too
before, is a photo of me,       much and then you wouldn’t
Oscar the Ostrich, scared        have to go to the doctors.
because when I get scared,       My doctor is Dr. Mike the
I shove my head in the ground,    Monkey, well actually
weather it is sand or dirt.           He’s the only doctor and
                                                   He always says bananas
The last time that I shoved        makes it better but it
my head in the ground was        never does.
when I heard an animals
screaming because I got            That is a day in the life
scared. I get scared very            of an Ostrich and I hope
easily. Anyway, let's get on        you find the things that I
with the sory. What I like        have added are interesting
                                                    and btw, we also need
to eat is roots, leaves,                another doctor that isn’t
seeds but when ever I go            a monkey because of they
to the restaurant, I                      will just tell you to have
always order fried insects           Bananas. Thank you.
and snakes, with a side
dish of boiled lizard and bbq
rodent. It is delicious

Friday, August 24, 2018

Speech Competition!

Hey there bloggers, I'm back! But before I tell you about the speech competition, let's start off with a question. Do you have a speech competition at your school? We do and I went into the finals. I only went into the finals because Mika was actually going into the finals but she didn't want to do it and I was the next person with the most points so I did it along with Jedi and Mikael. Jedi's speech was about Judging others and Mikael's one was about rubbish in the ocean. My speech was proving that not all Muslims are terrorist because it is true. I was really nervous and I didn't have much time to write my speech because I only had one day and I was under pressure. I tried my best and I came 2nd in the speech competition, Jedi came first and Mikael came 3rd. Here is a video of me saying my speech in front of the year 7 and 8's and also my speech that I wrote. Hope you enjoy my post! Bye!

Millions of people think that Muslims are terrorists, why do they think that? Do you think that all Muslims are terrorists? If you don't know what a terrorist is, it’s a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. You might be wondering, why am I talking about this, why am I standing up for Muslims? Because I AM A MUSLIM. I have seen lots of things on the news that there are bombing, wars, and things. But why can’t we just have peace in countries? Why can’t we just live like we are brothers and sisters? None of you’s can say that ALL Muslims are terrorists, you can’t call me a terrorist because I haven't killed someone or threw bombs at other countries, I haven't banned a religion because I don’t trust them from the LIES that I have heard. Hi, my name is Parwin and today I will be talking about three countries Afghanistan


I know that there is a war going in Afghanistan and I know that there is chaos there.
But how did the war start? Do you know how it started? Have you ever wondered how it started?
According to Google: It started on 7 October 2007 and it is still going until now, and now it is 2018.
That’s 21 years! It started a group called the Taliban started to regulating most of the country 1996 but they
were conquered by British and American armed forces. But some of them are also throwing bombs
because there are lots of minerals in Afghanistan! Now that you know how the war in Afghanistan started,
let's go to America.

Have you heard of 9/11? 9/11 stands for 9 of September 2001. According to Google: 9/11 started when
there was a big attack by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda against the United States. That’s how
everything started, that's how America started throwing bombs in Afghanistan and other Islamic countries.
That’s how thousands of people lost their lives from nuclear bombs to massive bombs.  Now it’s Iran's turn.
President Trump also banned Muslims from entering the U.S.

There was a war going on in Iran in 1980 when the Iraqi armed forces started to overrun the Western parts
of Iran. Some people say that Iran is making the biggest bombs and I don’t know whether it is true or not,
what do you think? From what I have read, I half on each side, which means I %50 percent agree %50
disagree. Did you know that some people are trying to find the treasure that is in Iran because there is a lot
of treasure there that is valuable? The treasures are left behind by our Prophets or Imams that Islamic people

Are you convinced you that not all Muslims are terrorist? I don’t know why America hates Muslims so
much because all of us aren't terrorist and all we want is peace. We want to run away from wars, from
bombings and from the blood. Obama says: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet
of Islam.” My speech has come to an end and thank you for listening to my speech and I hope that people
change their mind about Muslims! Thank you.
Image result for bye gif pixel png