Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Practising persuasive writing

Each week we get a new topic of writing styles and this week is persuasive writing. We have longs write once a week and we have to write a topic like that. We got to pick weather we agree that we should be aloud to bring our phones at school or not. This is my letter, hope you enjoy!

Dear Mr Robertson,
I believe that kids shouldn’t be aloud phones at school because then they are focused on their phones
instead of their learning and that ruins your grades. So, parents, do you want you children to get good
grades and have a great time learning things? Or do you want your children to get lower grades and
not even pay attention to what’s going on. I, myself, want to be someone who learns things and gives
my best to everything but let's be honest, if I could use my phone at school then I would be focused on
my phone rather than my work and I’m pretty sure that is what the others would probably do.
Here are my reasons why I disagree with bringing phones to school.

Number 1-
In addition, if we let this happen then your minds will get sucked in into the phone and you will always
be playing on the phone and trying to use as much as you can. And some people might even cheat
when they have test for maths or cheat in other tests. Even if the teacher checks that you don’t have
a phone, they will still hide it somewhere so the teachers can’t see. About half of the children would
always have their eyes glued to the screen and wouldn’t know what is happening around them.

Number 2-
However, not only that they might get bad grades but it also damages your eyes too! PLaying on
technology for 2 hours a day is enough but once you start playing on your phone, you forget about
how much you are playing because you are to focused on the screen. Are you aware that this can
damage your eye vision? Well you might say, “Oh, I don’t care if my eye vision gets damaged
"But if your eyes get damaged then don’t say it’s someone else's fault because I’m warning you now.

Number 3-
School is for learning, so what's with the phones, that teachers can teach you, not the phones.
You parents take you to school every day so you can learn new things and be what you want to be
when you grow up. They pay for your uniform, your trips and many other things, and if you take your
phone to school and just play on it then what’s the point in coming to school because you go to school
to learn new things like we do everyday, everytime, and everywhere.

I agree that technology is fun to use cause you can play on it and everything. Everybody looks on the
good side but reality what happens? Thank you for reading my letter. And I hope that you thought about
what's gonna happen first before you make a choice because everybody always looks on the good side
but they never look on the bad. Thank you for reading my letter and I hope you think about what I said.

Yours sincerely,

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