Friday, July 6, 2018

My reflection of the term!

Reflection of the term

What's worked well?
What I’m proud of this term?
How have I shown my YMS qualities? (When and How)
Are there some things that haven't gone well for me? Why?
What challenged me and how did I through the challenge?
What will be my focus next term?

Something that has worked well for me this term is mostly everything especially my maths because I have learned new things that I didn’t really get. I have shown my YMS qualities in the playground at break times by playing fair with others and also at Winter Sports too because whenever we lost, we still didn’t lose hope and when we won, we just did a small cheer and that was it. This term, there hasn’t been anything that hasn’t gone wrong to me. Somethings that has challenged me is probably the maths investigations because at first when I read it, I don’t really get what is trying to say but as I keep reading it, I get it. But then after when we have to show our working out, I always forget so if I did my working out on a whiteboard then I will rub it out and forget to take a photo but when I try to show my working out again, I forget because I already know the answer and I can’t write it again. Something else that has challenged me was also in maths except it was the things that we had to learn like the fraction stuff because I wasn’t here on the day and when I came back I didn’t really get how to solve the faction things but then, the people in my group and my teachers helped to understand it because they are awesome. In reading when we had our reading group and did I think that means about the volcanoes or rainbows, it was challenging because I sort of understood it but I didn’t really know how to explain it with kind of copying the text but now it is a bit easier since we do “I think that means... “ more.  I think that my focus next term will be, to understand the text more in reading when we have “I think that means... “

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  1. Hi Parwin! It's Mia and you know me. I would like to say that your reflection is really good not too long (since mine is 797 words) I think that you should reread it, some parts didn't quiet make up to me.

    When did finish the picture? (it looks good)

    Great work Parwin!


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